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Gravel roads opened up this vast country and hundreds of years later, gravel roads still link us to the land. Knowledge gained in building those roads has filtered down to The Gravel Doctor where unique, patented 21st century equipment is now used to create gravel surfaces that were once thought impossible!

There are now very few enterprises that specialize in gravel work, while many dabble in it. We are often called to fix unfortunate situations where good money has been spent with a ?dabbler?.

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The Gravel Doctor unit is a revolutionary piece of compact equipment that scarifies to loosen and re-mix existing surfaces, it moves and distributes gravel then precisely ?grades? to finish projects that drain perfectly and look amazing. The Gravel Doctor equipment can be used to put the critical finish on any properly prepared base (roadbed). The Gravel Doctor of course has all the construction equipment and skills for building roadbeds.

Unique to The Gravel Doctor driveways, all surfaces are thoroughly compacted using calcium and water and the result is a smooth and durable finish. Calcium is used to bind the fine particles which in turn significantly reduces dust. Compaction is used to improve density which directly affects durability.

Most gravel surface problems including potholes and washouts can be traced to drainage, while ruts and excess vegetation are typically caused by inadequate depth of base (roadbed) materials supporting the surface gravel. The Gravel Doctor equipment and crews are ready to handle these very common problems and virtually any driveway, rural laneway or private road challenge.

Gravel Driveway

Our bread and butter is everyday gravel solutions but tough challenges, where we use all our skills, experience and equipment is where we really rise to the occasion.

From 20 ft city driveways to rural laneways and private roads miles long, The Gravel Doctor is your best choice for top quality gravel project solutions, re-surfacing, re-building or building gravel projects from scratch.

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The Gravel Doctor?s Remedy for Gravel Driveways

Gravel driveways have long been stereotyped as standard material for country homes looking for a cheap alternative to asphalt. Many homeowners believe that having a gravel driveway means sacrificing appearance for cost. This is not the case.

At The Gravel Doctor we take pride in providing appealing and durable gravel driveways for residential, commercial and industrial clients. The Gravel Doctor is a revolutionary new system for the restoration of unpaved surfaces. Its unique patented system completely removes potholes, ruts and corrugations leaving a smooth compact finish. The Gravel Doctor is also the answer for landscaping and drainage problems.

Properly repairing a driveway is the key to its resilience and will ensure it last longer than by merely filling potholes with a load of loose gravel. Existing gravel is recycled to save purchasing new materials. New materials are required in some circumstances to add to the longevity.

Remember the Dukes of Hazards in the 1970?s, the cool way in which the General Lee would kick up gravel while speeding along the back roads of Hazard County. Well, The Gravel Doctor can give you the same pride without all the crunch of stones beneath your tires.

Other Driveway Surfaces

As well as gravel driveways, The Gravel Doctor can provide paved driveways, cement driveways, and interlock driveways.

Our in house cement finisher, Ralph Farella is on hand to make sure all of your cement needs have been met.

He oversees all cement jobs as well getting involved from start to finish.

Throughout Eastern Ontario, call The Gravel Doctor for a free, no obligation driveway project estimate.

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