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The Gravel Doctor has been providing top quality services in the Eastern Ontario area since 1997. The Gravel Doctor Group has helped hundreds of eastern Ontario customers bring life to their rutted, unpaved surfaces including driveways, parking lots and private roadways. It is an all-Canadian company that offers year round outdoor services to its customers.

The company is owned and operated by Donald Belanger. He brings over 40 years of experience as a business

Gravel Doctor Repaving Driveway
owner and hands on operator. His motto is to provide fast and friendly professional services to his customers and make sure you “Don’t get stuck in a rut.”

For the past several years, The Gravel Doctor has been conveniently located along the 401 and covers Brockville to Grafton and south to Prince Edward County. The company is headquartered in Brockville, Ontario.

Policy Statement

We are the gravel driveway company! Our specialty is long lasting, great looking gravel projects.

The Gravel Doctor System will "scarify" or "mechanically rip" the entire existing surface!

Why would we do this?

  • to "recover and recycle" the useable gravel in your existing driveway
  • to cut out and remove each pothole and rut
  • to prepare the surface, ready to accept new gravel (think of scarifying like sanding before painting)
  • to eliminate "layering" - a layer of gravel (even new compacted gravel) spread on top of an inconsistent surface is inherently unstable and will lead to early failure of the driveway surface

Expect highly detailed grading for optimum drainage

Grading is the process of sloping, contouring and shaping material for drainage and appearance.

Expect a thoroughly compacted driveway

We want gravel to stay put better and be a pleasure to walk on. It has to be compacted. Frequently we will suggest water and calcium as compaction aids.

Expect tough, durable, great looking new work

If we are building you a new driveway or expanding the existing one, it will be built to tough The Gravel Doctor standards.

Competition Checklist - Do they...
  1. provide a written company policy?
  2. provide firm, on the spot, computer generated (or written) quotes? Written on the back of a cigarette pack doesn't cut it!
  3. scarify to prepare surface before adding new gravel?
  4. grade with care and precision, using purpose-built, patented equipment?
  5. compact every driveway? Or, do they dump the gravel and spread it around with a backhoe bucket? Or do they spread it with the dump truck?

The Gravel Doctor has gained recognition in Eastern Ontario for years of professionalism to its customers and for supporting the environment by introducing Eco-Friendly products.


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